Player Information
Nationality The United Kingdom
Age 21
Favourite Heroes Rubick, Pangolier, Shadow fiend
Preferred Roles Plays every role
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Rubber Duckies

J1mmo, also known as J1mmo Dangle, is a dota 2 player from the UK. Unfortunately he is from Northern parts so instead of a smooth UK accent, he has a garbage Northern one. He is currently ancient 4, and he is going to participate in the upcoming season 13 for EU WED. J1mmo is known for becoming aggravated after being orally abused by his teammates.

Biography Edit

J1mmo, James was born in the Uk. He likes dota, and he likes play dota. Last season his team was shit. Sucks I guess. erm Who knows dude. Likes radiance. Ye...

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
12 Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies WED Disband

Trivia Edit

  • Loves radiance
  • Likes radi
  • A pioneer of the Puck radiance octarine build, eventually inspiring DNC to make the Ursa radiance octarine build. FUck you DNC that build sucks massive donkey COCK
  • Known for being a player of dota

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