Jim Dangle
Player Information
Nationality Netherlands
Age 70+
Favourite Heroes ElderTitan, Beastmaster
Preferred Roles Offlane, Support
RD2L History
Current Team Unknown
Previous Teams Unknown

Jim Dangle, is a Dota 2 player from the Netherlands. He is known for his ability to fill a stack that needs +1. He is going to play in the upcoming Season 13 WED-Division for EU.

Team History Edit

Season Team Divisions Result
12 koolkidzkollektiv (C) WED

Trivia Edit

  • Still manages to play Dota when being 90 years old.
  • Jim Dangle is known as a very old player, even though he is not even in his 30s. This has been joked about, and he even referred to himself as 60 years old+ in his player statement for Season 13. This has basically become a bit of a meme in RD2L society.