Nsphere, a Belgian Dota2-Phenomenon

Managed to get himself banned in S14.

Player Information
Nationality Belgium
Age Unknown
Favourite Heroes NOT GYRO
Preferred Roles 1,4,5
RD2L History
Current Team Tilt control
Previous Teams Armlett Togling

Team History Edit

Season Team Division Result
5 Dog Denden Team CET-WED Disband
6 Set Sail for Fail CET-WED 3rd Place
7 Russian feederation CET-WED 5th place
8 Team Brimstone CET-WED Disband
9 Offlaners.CO CET-WED DIsband
10 Weeb Squad CET-WED 2nd round playoffs

3rd place regular play

11 The Dankest Name CET-WED 5th place

2nd round playoffs

12 Armlet Toggling CET-WED Disband
13 Tilt Control CET-WED 1st place

Achievements Edit

100 % winrate Vs USA Teams.

3rd place season 6


"if patch isn't here in 24 hours i'm fping zap next season" Nsphere, 16th of October 2017

"if patch isn't here in 4 hours my 2nd pick is lazy panda" Nsphere 19th of October 2017